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Introducing Hohepa Cheeses


The Hohepa cheeses are produced at a boutique Cheesery — milk pumped through from the adjacent milking shed.  The Hohepa ‘bio-dynamic’ farm milks approximately 40 cows and it is the special care of the land to which the cheese-maker attributes the wonderful taste in the cheeses.

Inacio, the Hohepa cheesemaker, blends his Italian/Brazilian heritage, to produce these specially crafted cheeses.  Unique!

Danbo Cheese


Perhaps the ‘signature cheese’ of Hohepa, is a distinctive cow’s milk cheese based on the Danish Danbo. The distinctive flavour and texture makes our Danbo a very popular choice with customers — with variations in the form of Herb and Cumin-seed added options. This balance between the herbs and the cheese is perfection in itself.

Danbo is available in various stages of maturity — a mild cheese at the younger age through to a tasty cheese (10 months maturing or more). The aged tasty cheese has more pronounced holes through it and has a deeper colour and even more flavour and character!

The taste is reminiscent of macaroni cheese with a suggestion of tomatoes and olive oil in the background — fabulous.

Mozzarella Cheese


Mozzarella is a fresh cheese of the pasta family of cheeses.  When the curd has reached the desired acidity it is heated and then formed into round ball is by hand. Hohepa mozzarella is made in the traditional way, resulting in a cheese of springy, streaky texture.

Our mozzarella’s colour is similar to porcelain with a milky, nutty flavour.  When opened, it should be eaten within a few days.  This cheese is traditionally used in pizza because of its stringy texture when melted, but is also very good in a range of salads and other cuisine.

Feta Cheese


Traditionally made in Greece from goat and sheep’s milk but also commonly now made from cow’s milk in many countries.  Hohepa Feta cheese is often used as a table cheese, but also great in salads, pastries and pies. Our feta is handmade using traditional methods resulting in an easily crumbled, mildly-salted product with all the original qualities of a good feta.

Hohepa feta has been a gold medal winner at past New Zealand cheese awards (2007).


Hohepa yoghurt is made in the traditional way without the use of fillers or stabilisers – just fresh cow’s milk and the required added cultures.  Made from completely natural ingredients, the end result is a smooth creamy product with clean flavours to the palate.

Greek Yoghurt

Greek Yoghurt

A thick creamy yoghurt made in the traditional way without the use of added protein/fat or thickening agents.  Hohepa Greek style yoghurt has a consistency between normal yoghurt and soft cheese, while preserving the distinctive Hasidic flavour.  Can be used in savoury or sweet dishes.  Commonly used in Greece, India, northern Europe and the Italy.



Quark is a soft fresh white cheese, similar to cottage cheese but with a much finer texture and a lower fat content. Popular in central Europe for wide range of dishes, quark has a lower fat content than harder cheeses.  It is uniquely different than cottage cheese or cream cheese.  The fat content is around 14%.  The delicate flavour of quark makes very suitable for use in both sweet and savoury dishes — for example sandwiches, salads, pasta bakes, mousses and cheesecakes.

Herb Quark

Hohepa Cheesery produces a remarkable Herb quark made with organic herbs grown on site.  This popular product can be used in cooking or as a dip.  It goes very nicely stuffed into fresh mussels …. and grilled.  Mmmmmm

Public Sales

Cheese can be purchased (and tasted!) at the on-site shop. Shop staff can also be found at the Farmers Market, Hastings every Sunday, for another tasting opportunity. We also appreciate the support from the following:

Restaurants (Hawkes Bay)

  • Art Deco Masonic Limited
  • Black Barn Bistro
  • Church Road Winery
  • Clearview Winery & Restaurant
  • Craggy Range Vineyards
  • Diva Bistro & Bar
  • Hawthorne Coffee
  • McCauleys Store
  • Mission Restaurant
  • Mister D
  • Pipi Cafe
  • Salvare Estate
  • Taste Cornucopia Ltd
  • Te Pania Restaurant & Bar
  • The Crown Hotel
  • The Farm at Cape Kidnappers

Retail Outlets

  • Chantal Foods, Napier
  • Commonsense Organics (Kapiti)
  • Commonsense Organics (Lower Hutt)
  • Commonsense Organics (Wellington)
  • Cornucopia, Hastings
  • East West Organics Ltd (Waitakere, Auckland)
  • Farro Fresh – North Shore, Auckland
  • Farro Fresh – Grey Lynn, Auckland
  • Huckleberry Farms – Royal Oak, Auck.
  • IE Produce Ltd, Nth Shore, Auckland
  • Naturally Organic Ltd, Albany, Auckland
  • New World – Hastings
  • New World – Victoria Park, Auckland
  • PaknSave – Hastings


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