Building a Future at Hohepa

Eight new homes are planned to enable every life to be fully lived.

High Five

For the people we support, Hohepa is home. It is where they feel safe to build a vision for their life and are empowered to make it happen. Our kaupapa is to ensure every person we support has the opportunity to have a life fully lived. We are committed to providing our people with inspiring and fit-for-purpose housing to ensure they are in an environment that supports and adapts to their unique needs and aspirations over their lifetime.

Due to climate change, we have an urgent need to build new residential homes for up to 60 adults who are currently located at the Hohepa Clive site.   This includes 25 elderly people and 15 adults with high and complex needs, requiring special housing. An initial assessment of the overall housing requirements for Hohepa Clive residents tells us that eight new, ‘fit-for-purpose’ houses are needed. These can be built on the Hohepa Poraiti site. These new homes will encourage a sense of ownership and pride for the people we support.   There are also four existing houses available on the site that require major refurbishment in order to meet the needs of those adults relocating from Clive.

Moving vulnerable people to new homes is a huge challenge. This is an exciting and vital project and we invite you to come on this journey with us as we work to foster an environment that supports our people at Hohepa to create their best possible lives.

The rough cost of this project is estimated to be $10.5 million for the construction of eight new houses and the refurbishment of four houses already at Poraiti.   Speak to us about how you can help Hohepa to be the best home it can be to our people now, and long into our future. For more information, please call Neil Kirton on 027 286 6200, or email

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