Our History

Hohepa Hawke’s Bay was founded in 1957 by the joint initiative of Marjorie Allen, educator, and Lewis Harris (later to become Sir Lew), local farmer and benefactor.

We offer residential and day programmes for Intellectually Disabled people – an on-site school and home-life for children, generally aged 7 years – 21 year olds; a range of residential options for adults, depending on independence, complemented by daytime programmes for work and ongoing learning opportunities.

The present day Hawke’s Bay Hohepa Community occupies two sites adjacent to Napier City. The main administration and adult facilities are based at Clive (South end of Napier), while the School and children’s homes are at the Poraiti site, which is to the north end of Napier, near Taradale. Organic farming occurs on both sites, each site being approximately 21 hectares (50 acres).

The original Home and School was built in the glorious hills of Poraiti which overlook Napier and surrounding areas. The development at Clive, a coastal based property some 15 minutes drive from Poraiti, was started in 1960 where facilities were extended to include more homes, a farm and workshops.

Since the early days more classrooms, houses, halls and craft studios have been added and further land acquired. Hohepa Hawke’s Bay now provides a community setting for about 92 adult residents and 35+ children, with close to 260 full and part time co-workers.

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