Unique products

that reflect the creativity of the maker.


Crafted only with natural

and local bees wax

Community Participation

Connecting communities

in an engaging environment.

Hohepa Creative Works

Hohepa Creative Works came about to enable us to enhance the services that we are offering and to meet the demand for our Day Services.

This got us thinking about creating a new space to help with this and sent us on a journey to discover all the other benefits that would come with this.

Having our Creative Works in town means that service users are able to come to work by bus or by foot. It has also enabled us to connect ourselves with the local community on a daily basis.

Creative Works Shop

Address: 138 Tennyson Street Napier
Please Phone: +64 6 871 5514

Email:  Creative.works@hohepa.com

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday
Time: 10am – 4pm

Saturday 9.30-1.30 during Summer months to end of April

What is Hohepa Creative Works?

Hohepa Creative Works is a space where we create our weavery and candle products for sale in the on-site store, online and in many retails throughout NZ. We welcome people from the community to come in and see our work and take a tour around the space to see how these pieces come to life.   It is also a space where we will run workshops, invite people in to run workshops, share and create new ideas and come together as a community in an open and safe environment.