Services & Programmes

We offer School and Home-life & Care for young people, generally aged between 7-21 years.

We offer residential living options for adults (within our own community plus options for more independent support in the wider community). As well we have a range of working and learning options for adults during the daytime (our Day Services Programmes).

Our aim is to offer quality care, with choices and a range of opportunities to constantly encourage independence and autonomy – depending on an individual’s capability. We look to the wider community for opportunities that enable people to be a part of ordinary society as much as possible. At the same time the facilities within our own Hohepa community and to offer a rich therapeutic and cultural life with work opportunities to enable a sense of meaning and worth – in order that “every life is fully lived”.

Adult Residents have daily commitments to work – continuing their skill learning and social interaction through participation in a range of craft, farming/land use and community based activities. Residents can engage in a variety of these supported activities through their week. Some progress to working beyond the Hohepa community, such as engaging in programmes at the Eastern Institute of Technology or working in a small factory.