Day Services & Farm

Adults have daily commitments to work. This helps to develop their skill level and social interaction through participation in a range of craft, farming, wider community opportunities and other community related activities at Hohepa. People engage in a variety of these supported activities through their week. Activities include the following:



Residents help feed and milk the cows on a daily basis, Hohepa also produces vegetables, for their houses and to sell through the Hohepa Shop.



Wooden tables, chairs, children’s toys and an assortment of other wooden items are made for sale through the shop and to fill orders from pre-school & schools.


Working in the Cheesery

Hohepa cheese is produced in a boutique cheesery in Clive. All cheese and milk products are made from bio-dynamic milk products. Bio-dynamic farming is an advanced form of organic farming, with special care of the land. Products produced and sold from Hohepa’s bio-dynamic milk include: Danbo, Mozzarella, Garlic Herb, Vintage Cheddar, as well as Greek yogurt & Herb Quark, and pasterised milk.  Our aim is to produce more types of cheeses and these are coming into the shop on a regular basis


Weaving & Textiles

In the weavery, people weave mats, make wall hangings, socks and work on large looms making scarves, blankets or ‘throws’, much of which can be sold in the shop and at the annual fair.


The Candles Workshop is an environment of warmth with a slow working pace. In the Candles Workshop we make unique, yummy-smelling beeswax candles in all shapes and colours of the rainbow.

Hohepa Shop

Hohepa Shop

A few people help out in the shop, interacting with customers and helping with day to day running of the shop.


Gardening Care

Teams of workers are supported to care for the grounds daily.


Working in the wider community

In voluntary employment and working in part-time jobs where possible. The gardening teams are also always keen for work out and about.


Therapies and Cultural Life

A range of therapist programmes are included in an individuals programme to help their development. Participating in seasonal festivals, music making, singing and art all add up to a rich life.