Hohepa School is for children and young people aged 7-21 years who have very special requirements for their care and education.

The school year consists of 39 weeks divided into four terms. Children stay at Hohepa School for the whole term, but return home for part or all of the holidays.

All our students are on the Ongoing and Reviewable Resourcing Scheme (ORRS), which funds extra support through therapy programmes and teacher aides to assist the teacher in the classroom.

The School is situated on a beautiful biodynamic farm in the Poraiti hills just outside Napier – a second part of the Hohepa Hawke’s Bay Community property. This location, with superb views over Hawke’s Bay, provides excellent recreational opportunities for the children. The school has three playground areas, a sports field and we share an outdoor swimming pool with the rest of the Hohepa Poraiti community.

The close proximity of the twin cities of Napier and Hastings allows the children to take full advantage of libraries, theatres, shops and other public amenities and to enjoy a variety of experiences within the wider community. Beaches, rivers, hills, walking tracks and scenic picnic sites are all within easy reach of Hohepa.

Hohepa School grounds are on the Poraiti site of the Hohepa Community property. The Poraiti property consists of the school, the children’s residential community in several family houses, land area which is cropped, citrus areas and several worker and support houses. It is the site of the original land and home of founder Lewis Harris.

The children live in purpose-built houses, each having their own bedroom. The construction of new school was completed in late 2010.

The new facilities include five classrooms plus a transition block, craft room, kitchen and technology learning room, library and computer facilities, assembly room, kitchen and dining room, and a hall for gatherings, meetings, festivals and concerts.

A special feature is a ‘Sensory Room’ – where students explore sensory experiences using technology based programmes specifically designed for an individual.

Additional rooms for speech, music, eurythmy, nursing, art and movement therapies as well as a medical consulting room make this into a comprehensive facility.

Welcome School Photo

Hohepa school girl painting

Hohepa School 2010