Sustainable Development

Hōhepa Hawke's Bay's Sustainable Development

Appreciation, optimism and a sense of responsibility towards people, the community and nature, represent the basis of our work.

Hōhepa Hawke's Bay's Sustainable Development

Our values and our way of being inspire us to look at our initiatives and activities through four key perspectives:


  • A social perspective
  • An environmental perspective
  • A cultural perspective
  • An economic perspective


We strive to be forward-looking in new ideas and projects in order to achieve sustainable cultural, social, environmental, and economic development, while always focusing on our task at hand.

“The idea of sustainable development is essentially a cultural project. Sustainable development describes a further step in the evolution of human civilisation towards a world in which the dignity and development opportunities of people everywhere are the compass for social, political and economic action today and in the future.”

Schneidewind – 2018