Our Leadership

At Hōhepa Hawke’s Bay, leadership is an art which seeks to instil a strong sense of purpose across people, teams and systems within our community.

We work together to empower people at all levels to act in solving issues and taking the initiative, that in turn builds trust and high levels of satisfaction for all stakeholders.


We lead our community with care, responsibility and a strong relationship with the people we support and their families, safeguarding our essence and embracing the dignity and rights of every individual.

Santiago de Marco - General Manager

Santiago De Marco

CEO/General Manager – Executive Team

Santiago joined Hōhepa Hawke’s Bay with his family in 1999. Santiago has a proven commitment to the people Hōhepa supports, their teams, and families. He has a broad range of skills with extensive experience in the health and education sector, as well as in governance and management. Santiago has served in a number of organisations across the globe and has a strong strategic and sustainable development focus. He supports the Hōhepa community to thrive by ensuring the Hōhepa vision, mission, and values are aligned with everything Hōhepa strives to achieve. He is an active member of the Institute of Managers and IOD.

Kate Hartland - Human Resources Manager

Kate Hartland

HR Manager – Executive Team

Kate was drawn to HR (‘Personnel’ as it was then) from a sense of justice, fairness, and wanting to do right by people. Having worked mainly in not-for-profits in the UK (the railway when they employed 250,000 people, arts funding, a social care charity). Kate came to Aotearoa and found her way to Hōhepa Hawke’s Bay in 2010 – she is still here and loves this organisation, its people, and its values.

Julia Sobkowiak - Director of Services

Julia Sobkowiak

Director of Services – Executive Team

Julia has been part of the Hōhepa Hawke’s Bay whanau since 2012. Julia’s education as an anthroposophical art therapist has enabled her to work successfully across many different areas at Hōhepa in her time. Her passion is to connect people to create pathways for innovative solutions to enable a “life fully lived”. In her current role, Julia focuses on supporting services that meet each person’s aspirations. Sustainability and community are particularly personal values for her.

Trisha Glover - Culture & Development Manager

Trisha Glover

Culture & Development Manager – Executive Team

Trisha joined the Hōhepa Hawke’s Bay community in 2010. She has a broad range of skills in the health and education sector and a strong focus on interpersonal relationship dynamics. Trisha is passionate about ensuring the Special Character principles are clearly expressed in the contemporary service context, and that cultural knowledge, sensitivity, and capacity is strong across the organisation.

Iain Worsley - Finance Manager

Iain Worsley

Finance Manager – Executive Team

Iain joined Hōhepa Hawke’s Bay in December 2017 after moving to the Bay from Auckland. He has more than 30 years of experience in steering the financial direction of companies and organisations ranging from large manufacturing and distribution businesses to, more recently, not-for-profit entities. Working as a member of the team gives him the opportunity to focus his financial management skills on helping to ensure that everyone in the Hōhepa community can enjoy a life fully lived.

Neil Kirton - Business Partnership & Marketing Manager

Neil Kirton

Business Partnership Manager – Executive Team

Neil started at Hōhepa Hawke’s Bay back in 2014, and has been involved in local and central government for over 25 years serving as the Associate Minister of Health and Minister of Customs during the first MMP Parliament from 1996 to 1999. With post-graduate qualifications in science, Neil’s early career was focused in the health and disability sector. As Associate Minister of Health, Neil introduced free healthcare for children under 6-years of age, and also held responsibility for the disability sector and public health.

Leanne Havill

Leanne Havill

Communications Specialist & Executive Support

Leanne joined the Hōhepa Hawke’s Bay team in 2022 and brings with her a diverse background in relationship management, community engagement, communications, events, sales and marketing, and territory management. Leanne was drawn to the Hōhepa vision and values and found they aligned with her own personal values. Leanne is purpose driven and loves nothing more than to bring people together for a common purpose that invokes joy.

Stephen Evans

Stephen Evans

School Principal

Stephen was originally born in England but moved to New Zealand in 2002 and considers Aotearoa his home. Stephen’s Hōhepa journey began after completing an honours degree as a Primary Teacher, working as part of a Behaviour Support Team and setting up I.E.Ps for disengaged youth before he came to New Zealand. Now, in his eighth year as Principal at Hōhepa Hawke’s Bay, he values the ability to empower staff and children to be the very best they can be. He sees helping the children find true purpose and meaning in their lives enables them to become life-long learners.

Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith

Service Manager – Tamariki

Rachel, Hawke’s Bay born, joined Hōhepa in 2009. Throughout that time, she has mostly worked with tamariki and rangatahi in a number of different roles across the organisation. As a registered social worker, she is passionate about helping people and appreciates Hōhepa’s alignment of values with kaupapa. Rachel works with a very passionate and experienced team in the tamariki service, working collaboratively with the school and other services to support and challenge the tamariki to achieve their aspirations.

Tasha Taylor

Tasha Taylor

Service Manager – Rangatahi & Wakeover

Tasha’s lived experience in the health sector as an advocate for her younger brother, who has high and complex needs, helped her to find her passion for ensuring that every person gets to experience life to the fullest. Tasha first joined Hōhepa Hawke’s Bay as wake-over supervisor, before moving to house manager, and now service manager. Tasha’s drive and passion for the people we support is huge, and she spends each day committed to ensuring that everyone we support gets to live a live fully lived.

Vriti Dhugga

Service Manager – Tī Kōuka

Vriti was born and raised in India, and in 2020, she moved to New Zealand with her family. She has Master’s degree in Business Economics from India and a Master’s degree in Management (Level 9) from New Zealand. With extensive management experience, Vriti joined the Hōhepa team in 2021 as a casual employee supporting our elderly community. She fell in love with the people and the way of life at Hōhepa and early on, she decided she would want to develop a career in this special organisation. Caring for elders and empowering the youth is an important part of her culture. Vriti is committed to ensuring that Hōhepa’s vision, mission, and values are upheld, and work diligently for the betterment of all people in our communities.

Patrick Germinal

Patrick Germinal

Service Manager – Tane Mahuta

Patrick was born and raised in the Philippines, and joined Hōhepa Hawkes Bay in 2015 endeavouring to build stronger communication and relationships within the services. He has a strong commitment to supporting our people to live fully and working with our team members who want to advance and develop both personally and professionally.

Sandy Rosvall

Sandy Rosvall

Service Manager – Kahikatea

Hōhepa Hawke’s Bay became a part of Sandy’s life in January 2014, when she began her support of the Kahikatea Cluster. The fire that drives her passion in the care and support of the elderly was lit at an early age. Now, Sandy makes sure the Hōhepa values, vision, and mission are kept alive by making sure the people we support are enabled to live their life the way they choose, every day.

Jen Cho

Jen Cho

Customer Experience Manager

Jen started at Hōhepa Hawke’s Bay in 2021 to support the dairy strategy and operations. She moved to a day-to-day operational role as Customer Experience Manager, overseeing the retail and wholesale operations and customer development activities. Jen has a broad range of experience in sales, marketing, customer experience, and operations, and has worked predominantly in the food, beverage and hospitality industry. She is driven by a clear purpose to doing better for the world we live in – with a focus on people, planet, and prosperity, and brings her similarly aligned values to Hōhepa.

Carl Storey

Carl Storey

Farm & Land Enterprises Manager

Carl started milking cows from the age of 13. Having worked for 30+ years across the dairy and cheese industry, he has a passion for quality product, artisan cheese production, and organics. Carl is currently working towards becoming a Demeter bio-dynamic assurer.

Carol Stanton

Carol Stanton

Property Services Manager

Carol is passionate about working in Property and has over 20 years’ experience working within the Property Industry. She has worked in the public and private sectors in a variety of Property & Compliance roles, including time working in both the Health and Education sectors. She remembers as a child looking forward to the Hōhepa Hawke’s Bay fairs, especially the candle dipping and vibrant atmosphere. Carol is a qualified Primary school teacher and so Hōhepa and the Dr Rudolf Steiner approach resonates with her.

Joanne Magill

Joanne Magill

ICT Manager

Joanne is an experienced IT Professional having worked in information technology since the 1990s. She has wide-reaching experiences of developing systems and supporting users with their IT needs in a range of different industries. Having only recently joined Hōhepa Hawke’s Bay in October 2023, Joanne is looking forward to getting involved positively in the work that goes on and supporting the amazing staff.