Me pēhea ta tātou tautoko

What We Do

What we do at Hōhepa Hawke’s Bay

Our work focuses on
people and community.

Hōhepa Hawke's Bay Social Enterprise

Hōhepa Hawke’s Bay offers a range of housing options, education, day activities and work opportunities.


Our operations also include two organic (biodynamic) farms, boutique cheese factory, market gardens, native plant nursery, woodwork and candle making studio, weavery and other craft activities. The focus is on meaningful work experience and opportunities for people we support. Products are sold through our shops and Farmers’ Market stall, and supplied to retailers, cafes, wineries and restaurants.


Hōhepa’s dairy and horticultural production has operated under regenerative farming practices for six decades, and holds Demeter (biodynamic) and BioGro (organic) certification.

”The people we support and their families are at the centre of Hōhepa Hawke's Bay. We all partner together for a great journey of development, both for the individual and the community”

Santiago De Marco - CEO, Hōhepa Hawkes Bay
Santiago de Marco - General Manager